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    Operating costs updated for 2017. Create a free account to take advantage of our software tools which includes Comparison Wizard with PlaneFastFacts© executive summary, Aircraft Operating Cost Reports and Trip Cost Analysis for budgetary planning, airlift analysis and side by side aircraft comparisons complete with stunning graphs and charts. These products are suitable for Board Room presentations.


    Check out our latest products and services here. Our Premium product includes multimedia capability with shareable file linking via email.

    Key Features That Make Us Unique

    You decide which financial scenarios to model and we will calculate the numbers. You also have the option to create your own files using your data. And, there's no limit to the number of scenarios you can save to the cloud or modify at a later date. Check out our Software Tools Section to view all of the great tools at your disposal.
    Unmatched Flexibility
    Over 50 adjustable settings support extensive aircraft operational and acquisition analysis. Review with precision, the benefits of combining aircraft leasing strategies or FAR Part 135 charter approaches with Part 91 mission needs. Create annual flight department budgets, or compare jets and turboprops from our database of over 200 aircraft.
    Make Informed Decisions With Confidence
    Cost modeling tools support optimized business strategies. Run loan and depreciation schedules with an easy to use, built in Wizard. Save each scenario to the cloud for future reference or integration into your cost per flight hour buildup.
    Intuitive Graphical Dashboards
    We go beyond basic pie and bar charts. Multidimensional graphs support rapid acquisition of complex numbers. Our graphics are fully interactive. Move costs in and out of view, rotate charts and marvel at instantaneous updates as you make changes within the worksheets. Present information to Clients or the Boss in formats they're used to seeing.
    anytime, Any device, any altitude
    We’ve designed state of the art cloud and mobile technology fully embedded in our software. Our suite of products automatically scales to any device or display size. As you create files there’s no need to save, our software does that automatically for you. All of your files reside in the cloud, Internet accessible no matter where you are in the world even at 45,000 ft. through your aircraft’s WiFi system.
    revolutionary reports
    With AirPower Software you can analyze from 1 – 5 aircraft simultaneously with real-time access to dynamic and detailed reports which include comprehensive data and colorful graphs. Say goodbye to filling out an online request form and waiting for hours or days for a static report with a fixed set of numbers which can't be edited.